What is the Best Flight Tracker API?

If you are looking to build a flight tracking app, a virtual flight map or if you are just wondering “how many planes are in the sky right now?” in a fashionable developer way, you are probably wondering “what is the best flight tracker API?”

Well, this question may have multiple answers depending on your priorities. What types of data do you want to include in your project? Is client support a key aspect for you? Do you aim to include all airlines, including low cost carriers? Or maybe your business focuses on cargo flights alone, even.

Getting the data directly from airlines could be one way to move forward. But in this case, one of the biggest problems will be that the majority of the airlines have not yet standardized XML-based APIs. Taking action based on each airline’s API structure could be a bit of a development nightmare. What you need is aggregated data and easy-to-use APIs. It’s a plus if it’s budget friendly, too.

Combine The Best Flight Tracker API With Schedules API

Check out real-time Flights Tracker API that covers pretty much every type of data you may expect from “flight tracking data”. Here’s our Developers’ Page for example responses.

Here’s a quick look:

  • Geovalues: Real-time location with latitude, longitude, altitude and direction data.
  • Speed: Vertical and horizontal speed of the aircraft.
  • Departure and arrival points: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival airports.
  • Aircraft: IATA and ICAO number of flight and registration number, ICAO code and ICAO24 code of the aircraft.
  • Flight number: Code shared flights included
  • Airline: IATA code and ICAO code of the airline.
  • System information: Squawk, status and last update time in Epoch.

But that’s not it! With an Aviation Edge API key, you will have access to all our APIs. One of the most related APIs that you can combine with the Flights Tracker API is the Schedules API. This client-favorite API steps up your game with more, important flight data for a more extensive coverage if needed, including:

  • Real-time Flight Status: Updated status data. Can be active, scheduled, landed, cancelled, incident, diverted, redirected.
  • Departure and Arrival Airport Details: Airport IATA code, ICAO code, Terminal, Gate.
  • Take-off information: delay amount, scheduled-estimated-actual times on runway and that of departure and arrival.
  • Airline: Name, IATA code and ICAO code.
  • Flight details: Flight Number, IATA prefix with the flight number and ICAO prefix with the flight number.


Not quite enough? You may take the coverage one more step further and add our passive database data to your project. These are Airlines, Airports, Cities, Countries, Time-zones and many more.

For example, adding the option to direct your app’s users to the passive airport details could be a nice touch. They can now view the live schedule of the airport and get information about the airline!

To be honest, the possibilities are endless and it all depends on your creativity. We are here to provide you with the detailed, extensive, easy-to-use, reliable and accurate APIs and the rest is up to your creativity and skills as a developer! 

Get your Flight Tracker API Key With a Trial Period!

Thus, that answers our answer for the question, “What is the best flight tracker API?”. If we have the types of data you are looking for, why not Aviation Edge?

Though, it’s always better to test the API that you are willing to commit, first hand. After all, each developer has his/her own style and expectations from what might be the best flight tracker API in the market. Join more than 5000 clients who depend on our data including several major airlines, software giants as well as smaller-scale companies and individual developers. All are welcome!

Contact us for any questions or feedback and we will get back to you right away!


Get your API Key or view standalone databases for passive data.

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