Plane Finder API for Developers

Live flight API of Aviation Edge provides airplane GPS data for developers. The Plane Finder API answers all needs in order to build a flight tracking feature for your project. With its detailed data, you can search by flight number, departure or arrival IATA/ICAO codes, registration number and the IATA code of the aircraft, flight number and IATA codes, status and more. You may even limit the data to flights within a certain circle area based on the latitude and longitude values of your choice. The status can be “started”, “en-route”, “landed” or “unknown”. This means that you can build a map to show all active flights or only the airborne ones. It is even possible to filter flights based on their speed or altitude on your end.

A single response of the Plane Finder API includes:

  • Geographical details: Latitude, longitude, altitude and direction meters
  • Speed: Horizontal, against ground and vertical speed in kilometers
  • Departure airport: IATA and ICAO codes of the departure airport of the flight
  • Arrival airport: IATA and ICAO codes of the arrival airport of the flight
  • Aircraft: ICAO and ICAO24 codes and IATA registration number
  • Airline: IATA and ICAO code of the airline
  • Flight: IATA and ICAO codes of the flight and the initial code of the flight without the airline code at the start
  • System details: Last update time of the flight data in Epoch time and squawk
  • Status: Started (the flight is live but not yet airborne), en-route (the flight is live and airborne), landed (the flight has landed at the designated airport but not yet inactive), unknown (status data from the aircraft is not available)


Available parameters to filter the response:

“&depIata=”                       Departure airport IATA code
“&depIcao=”                      Departure airport ICAO code
“&arrIata=”                         Arrival airport IATA code
“&arrIcao=”                        Arrival airport ICAO code
“&aircraftIcao=”                 Aircraft ICAO code
“&regNum=”                      Aircraft registration number
“&aircraftIcao24=”             Aircraft ICAO24 code
“&airlineIata=”                   Airline IATA code
“&airlineIcao=”                  Airline ICAO code
“&flightIata=”                     Flight IATA code
“&flightIcao=”                    Flight ICAO code
“&flightNum=”                   Flight number
“&status=”                         Status of the flight (started, en-route, landed, unknown)
“&limit=”                            Limit value for output
“&lat=&lng=&distance=”   Flights within a specified circle based on the coordinates (distance is radius in km)

Combine any type of string and value to pull very specific data. All possible strings are limited to the ones shown.


Example response from the API:

Tip: Plane Finder API with Extensive Aviation Data

Would you like the full airport names to show when your clients view a flight built by the live flight API? The live flight API does not directly have this but you may additionally use our Airports API for this feature. It includes many different details on airports all around the world and the airport code data is common for these two APIs. When both are implemented, it is possible to offer fuller details if you are aiming to achieve this for your clients.

Not only airport details – you may use the Airplanes API to add model details of the aircraft that is being tracked. Use the Airlines API to add airline details, or Cities API for the city details. The variety of passive APIs make the possibilities endless for a fuller, unique flight tracking experience for your clients.

But that’s not it! We are currently working on a new API that will include the statistics for the average delays and cancellations for a flight. Another amazing feature that you can add and the more reasons to choose our APIs! All these are available via a single key. No additional fees per API or no confusing subscription options!

Feel free to visit our Developers Page to view example responses from each API. This will help you shape your ideas for the perfect plane routes API. We’d be happy to talk about how we can help you develop exactly what you have in mind. Contact us anytime!

Which Live Flights Are Tracked with the Plane Finder API?

Airplane GPS allows tracking the position of an aircraft in which a GPS receiver is installed. The communication with other aircraft and the tower is achieved via GPS satellites. The collected detailed and real-time flight data is then passed to a server that is installed on the ground. Finally, this data is transmitted by means of different telecommunication networks to parties to receive the data.

One of the most widely used components for airplane GPS tracking is via ADS-B (transponder “Mode S”). You may visit our article here for more information how our airplane GPS API covers ADS-B flights.

To summarize the coverage, ADS-B is the leading technology used in aircraft to ensure air traffic safety today. Nearly all civil aviation flights are equipped with ADSB to safely control airspace separation and air traffic communication. Even though radar has generally left its place to ADS-B due to ADSB’s more advanced and reliable technology, radar is still being used to track flights. We have made sure our API covers both ADSB and radar flights for fuller coverage.

Plane Routes API for Live Aircraft Tracking

The live location data provided via the API also allows building a plane route map. Interactive flight tracking maps we see all over the internet use the plane routes API features for both the whole live flight view and to track individual flights. Aside from letting your clients to track flight in real-time, you can also save the live location data of a certain group of flights to bring out route data over time. This type of data is used for flight simulators as well as training programs of trainee pilots.

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless and there are no limitations to what can be developed with our APIs. For any questions about the data, prices, usage or your feedback, feel free to contact us anytime. We love to talk about ideas and how we can contribute to the projects of our clients.

But the best way to get accustomed to the API is by experimenting with them. For this, we have greatly reduced the prices for the initial month of API subscriptions. We wanted to make sure every client can test the data before starting to implement it to achieve the best results. Our budget-friendly rates are a great advantage to build your dream project without exceeding your budget. More profitable projects with reliable, accurate data! Get your API key now and get started!

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