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International Country Phone Codes API For Developers

When you are providing a business internationally, an international country phone code API can be pretty useful. When integrated, a  country phone code API will return your client a list of phone codes and the matching country to choose from. If you run a platform where your users are expected to enter a phone number to sign up or use the services, the API comes in particularly handy. It is a basic feature we see on pretty much every website or app. So, a JSON REST API that returns complete international country codes is probably a better idea compared to collecting this data online. The phone code of country data is included in our Countries API and accessible with any Premium API key.

As an aviation data provider, we focus on the aviation and travel industries. However, any business can benefit from the international country phone codes API. In this way, our world country phone code API is an all-in-one solution for any sort of country information.


Do not forget to check all the offers we have made for you in our Premium package section. We give our Premium users many useful guarantees related to transfer speed, data accuracy and server uptime. Also, for those who opt for that package, we provide 24/7 assistant support. Feel free to contact us if you need more details about our quality metrics or need samples. You can also download our country database which includes the phone codes as a standalone database in Excel, CSV and SQL formats.

Our database of all country phone codes will add practical value to your business!

By selecting our database and connecting your software to our official country codes API, you will have fast access to the information you need. We ensure that our database is always available for your requests with the highest possible server updates. Also, the data we provide is accurate and up-to-date. Country phone codes do not change often, or in some cases at all. However, it is still really important that you have access to a complete database that covers all countries in the world for your customers. When you use our API, you have a convenient combination of many publicly available sources and commercial sources that you are sure are up to date.

The database of all country phone codes is not only useful to implement into a website or app but also for internal use. Businesses often set up meetings and communicate with customers or branches in different regions and countries. This is when a reliable database of phone prefixes comes in handy. If you need to collect the international phone numbers of your clients, you need a complete and accurate list. It is a one-time setup that will basically save you a lot of time compared to checking a phone prefix every time. We understand the importance of this and this is why we promise efficient service and accurate information. This is the mindset in which we created a database of all international country phone codes for our clients.

A great match!

Our international country codes API is useful on its own but it can be even more productive. Try combining it with other APIs we prepared for you. For example, you can add the country name in any language. This way, people can search their prefixes based on the country’s name. You could also build a database by matching it to the international numeric ISO country codes API or maybe to 2 digit and 3 digit country codes API. By so, you will get all the codes you need for any country that you choose. The great results can also be acquired by matching it to the world geo database API or countless more. Once you know what you are looking for, you can find it through our service or contact us to exchange ideas!

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Go ahead and check our Premium package offers that come with a set of guarantees of data accuracy, server uptime and transfer speed. See for yourself if we have the exact data you need with useful tools for you.  

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