Flight Delay API and JSON Flights Delay Data

Flight delay API is in demand by many types of businesses. Especially with claims for flight delays, this type of data at hand is a must. Our Flight Tracker API, and the Schedules API is here to provide you with this exact type of data. Easy to use, many parameters available for easy filtering, great up-times, comes with excellent customer support.. All included!

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Flight Delay Information API

Flight delays are important to keep an eye on.

For instance, EU law (namely EC Regulation 261/2004) allows passengers of flights delayed more than 3 hour to receive a compensation for the flight delay. You can pursue this compensation yourself or via flight claim companies. In both case, our APIs can be of great use to you to determine delays on flights. You can both find out the current delay status of a flight its estimated time of arrival/departure and actual time of arrival/departure. Our flight delay information API allows monitoring delays minute by minute.

That is surely not the only purpose of our flight delay information API as it includes many other types of statuses including scheduled, delayed, landed, canceled, diverted etc. Apart from our Flight Tracker API which allows monitoring individual flights, this API is perfect if you want to track timetables of an entire airport. This way, you will have the chance to focus on flight delays based on specific airlines in an aggregated way.

JSON Flights Delay Data

Many developers, either be independent, small-scale enthusiasts or major software companies require flight delay information in JSON format. Our APIs can provide you just that. This way, you will have the raw data you need in a very easy-to-manage, accessible way and shape it into your dream project. Our tool here is also perfect to give the APIs a quick try. JSON flights delay data is available via our Schedules API as well as Flight Tracker API, at a very affordable price.

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