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Aviation Edge International Space Station Tracker API

International Space Station Tracker API of Aviation Edge provides real-time ISS position data. Along with thousands of other orbiting objects and satellites, ISS is a client-favorite to track in real-time. Easily pull live ISS location data via the International Space Station Tracker API with the fastest uptime rates in the market. The data structure is clear with many details for the space-savvy. Feel free to use as much of it as you’d like to build a perfect ISS tracking app for your customers. Apart from position data, the API includes many other passive data about the specifications of satellites that you can use.

International Space Station is the wonderland of the space-lover. Since the first ISS component launch in 1998 until today, the world has been watching ISS closely and be amazed by the very valuable data it brings to help expand our knowledge of space.

ISS is the third brightest object in our sky, right after the moon and Venus. You can see ISS with your bare eyes without a need for a telescope or a similar tool. This unique modular space station orbits around the world at an incredible speed – a staggering 5 miles, or 7.66 km per second! This also means that ISS orbits around the world a total of 15.54 every single day. Amazing, considering the station has a mass of 419,725 kg (or 925,335 lb).

How can we track an object with an incredible speed? Without a doubt, real-time position data is the best way to determine where and when the ISS will be visible on Earth. This type of data allows building apps and trackers to keep a track of when and where ISS will be visible, and when it will be right above us! Pretty exciting!

Facts about the International Space Station!

  • The ISS was constructed by a total of 16 different countries of the US, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
  • It’s not as claustrophobic as you may think! The International Space Station is 109 meters (about 357.6 feet) long to give the astronauts a pretty large space to live and conduct research.
  • The cost of building the International Space Station exceeds a staggering $120 billion.

Real-Time International Space Station Data

Aside from these fun facts, get a bit more technical and discover real-time ISS data with our API. Use ISS data to build your own project and provide your customers the quality tracking service as promised. Here’s an example ISS response from our International Space Station Tracker API for you:

(This response belongs to ISS Zarya. Zarya is the first launched module of the International Space Station. It is known as the Functional Cargo Block. Here’s the Wikipedia page of the module if you want to know more about Zarya)

Endpoint used: 


(25544 is the NORAD ID of ISS Zarya)









"name":"ISS (ZARYA)",




















"idLaunchPiece":"A ",







"tle1":"1 25544U 98067A 20237.02475875 .00016588 00000-0 30650-3 0 9997",

"tle2":"2 25544 51.6454 12.7503 0001512 51.6927 59.9362 15.49197736242536",




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The data updates constantly and you may view the last update time via the “updated” value in Epoch time. As seen in the example, the data includes Two-line Element Set, NORAD ID, launch details, and real-time position details and more.

Feel free to check out our Developers’ Page for the documentation on the API or contact us if you have any questions.

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