ICAO Codes of Airports Database With API

API of ICAO Code of Airport and Database

ICAO code of airport or location indicator is a four-letter code that is appointed to every airport in the world. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) defines these codes which are used by air traffic control. There are more than 40 thousand airports throughout the world and each one of them has its own ICAO code. Passengers rarely use these codes and they are more familiar with IATA codes which are related to the name of the country or city where the airport is located.

However, any project in the aviation sector should make sure that they have the full list of all airport ICAO codes. It is sort of like the basics of aviation data. An API becomes extremely handy to keep up with the assigned codes of ICAO. ICAO airport codes may sometimes change depending on how the operations of airports change around the world. Aviation Edge Database of ICAO Airport Codes makes sure your project provides correct data with fast solutions.

Instead of maintaining your own ICAO Airports Code Database, you can simply rely on our data. It is available as both REST APIs with fast response rates AND as standalone databases. Whatever works for you!

Simply integrate the API without having to collect your own data and maintain servers. This way, save on costs and time and focus on your core project. Get the international ICAO airport codes API for developers for strong projects. Display a complete airport ICAO code list on your website, app, platform and more.

Reasons to Use Our International ICAO Airport Codes API

What are the advantages of our official ICAO airport codes database?

  • First of all, it is always updated and everyone can find or check certain code or airport at any time. We make sure that the information we share is accurate, precise and up-to-date.
  • Secondly, our database keeps track of all relevant information. Not only do we pay attention to the new airports built wherever in the world but we also make sure to mention if any of the airports are closed. For this, you can use the API about the airport status. We understand the importance of the world ICAO airport codes API for the aviation industry and its connection to your software and that is why we provide you with correct and latest data.
  • Finally, we are continually working on our database by adding new features. If there is any feature you would like to receive through our API, contact us!


Besides having access to valuable and up-to-date information, companies that use our database are sure that it is completely reliable and works perfectly with their software. It is fast, it is accurate, it is set up to make both air traffic and your company better. Choosing our international ICAO airport code list as your source of information means you take care of your clients as much as we do.

Strongly recommended!

With our Database or API Premium package not only will you have access to the ICAO airport codes but you will also be possible to extract information about IATA codes, cities, countries, time zones, ISO codes, and much more,. In addition to that, we provide guarantees in relation to data accuracy, server uptime, and speed of our API with our SLA. our quality metrics or need samples. You can also download our country database which includes the phone codes as a standalone database in Excel, CSV and SQL formats.

Database Download and API Subscription

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Our API subscriptions include 24/7 support as well as an amazing SLA, uptime rate, future APIs besides many other useful features, all at a very affordable price.

Free Trial for both is available for you to play with our services before you decide to make any commitments.

For any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly support team will provide you with a one-on-one solution.

A good match!

ICAO airport codes could be combined with other data points for the best usage. For example, you may match them to the international airport routes or to the official IATA airport codes. Maybe the most interesting combination would be the one with airline performance metrics. Check our full list of API codes and explore further possibilities that our service offers.

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