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The complete IATA airline codes API is a JSON REST API that provides global IATA code data for airlines. With its SLA and updated data, it is a reliable external data source for any business related to the aviation or travel industry.

 Nowadays, more and more airlines start to develop their own routes and they try to compete in the global market. It can be challenging to notice any new changes in the airline information or their IATA codes. Originally, IATA assigns airlines with these 2-digit IATA codes but under the right circumstances, IATA can also change these codes. For example, when an airline closes, its code becomes invalid or a previous IATA code can be assigned to another airline later on. Or even an existing airline’s code can be changed if there is a reasoning behind it. In short, in order to avoid any mistakes made by tracking changes manually or rarely, relying on the Aviation Edge world airline IATA numbers API for developers can be a time and cost-saving option for developers. With response rates at around 0.3 ms, the IATA Code of Airline API will enable you to extract any necessary airline information at any time.

IATA airline codes are two-digit codes assigned to every airline in the world by the International Air Transport Association. Besides being important for companies, they are also widely used in pretty much any aviation or travel-related platform – either a website, an app, a tool, or more. IATA codes are simply the single most widely used airline identifiers.


You should check all the additional benefits we offer to those who opt for our Premium package. Besides information on airline codes (IATA and ICAO), you could use data related to arrivals, departures, airport locations, and routes. We guarantee SLA compliance, top-rated transfer speed, and many other perks for our Premium users.

IATA Airline Codes Database – Sources and information

The IATA Code of Airline API returns data from our international IATA airline codes database. We aggregate the data from official sources as well as our data partners and maintain this data on our end. This way, we make sure our clients do not have to rely on any other external sources, spend a considerably high amount of time collecting data, or cross-check the data’s accuracy. This could be essential for any project or for that matter, any business since it is indeed correct that time is money. We are aware of the competitive environment the aviation and travel industries are in and that is why we do our best to provide our customers with top-level data for strong projects. That is why our IATA airline codes database is the fastest growing on the market right now with thousands of IATA code of airline API users worldwide!

We make sure to keep track of all changes in the airline world that can influence your business (and the codes) and to record them promptly. By choosing our official IATA airline codes API, you will always have access to factual, up-to-date and double-checked data.

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The API access includes our complete list of APIs and not just the IATA Airline Codes API. In order to extend the number of details that you show your users on your platform,  feel free to use additional APIs we offer and match the data. For instance, include Routes API and show the total routes these airlines operate on. Implement the Airports API and display the airport details from city, location, codes, to translations. Or even build a timetable for real-time schedule updates for these airports. Take a look at the benchmark and airline performance metrics. Also, one of the interesting combinations would be with our database of ICAO airline codes to make sure you display both codes on your platform. The possibilities are endless.

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