IATA Airport Codes Database for Developers

IATA Airport Codes Database for Developers

Looking for a complete IATA airport codes list to build a project? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we will talk about our IATA airport codes database and how to easily access it.

IATA airport codes are unique 3-letter codes designated by IATA for most of the airports in the world. It is simply a location identifier, also known as the IATA location identifier or IATA station code. Even though it may seem like these codes never change, they actually may. This could be following the closing of an airport, opening of a new one, or if an airport was assigned a temporary IATA code for a limited time. Apart from the changes, an IATA airport codes list is a useful asset for any mobile app, website, or other projects where users are expected to choose an airport off a list.


We also have an autocomplete feature you may use with the IATA airport codes database. This Autocomplete API feature returns all relevant airport and city data based on the letters requested. This means that once you implement the API and your users type in, for example, “BER”, a list of all airports and cities with the letters “BER” in it will appear to choose from.

ICAO Airport Codes

ICAO airport codes, on the other hand, are unique 4-letter codes designated by ICAO for aerodromes around the world. They are not as commonly used as IATA codes when referring to an airport but they also come in handy.

Some airports do not happen to have an IATA code or an FAA identifier, so these are designated by an ICAO code only. Also, displaying both the IATA and ICAO codes for an airport could be good to avoid confusion for users who may not know an airport has two different designators. Many platforms show airport codes in “ABC/XABC” format to display both IATA and ICAO airport codes. Aviation Edge IATA codes databases include both IATA and ICAO airport codes to provide an all-in-one source on global airport data.

IATA Airport Codes List Developer Information

We aggregate the IATA codes database from multiple sources including official ones. All aggregated details form a detailed airport database. We then provide this as a standalone Airports Database and Airports API with many other columns in addition to airport names and the IATA codes. The standalone database version comes in three formats: Excel, CSV, and SQL.

Details for each item in the IATA airport codes database include:

  • IATA airport codes
  • ICAO airport codes
  • Airport names
  • Country codes (ISO-2)
  • IATA city codes
  • Airport latitude and longitude values
  • Time zone (for example, “Europe/Madrid”)
  • GMT
  • Railroad and bus station identifier
  • Airport translations
  • Phone, website (currently not available for all items)
  • GeonameID number
  • Country name

Frequently Asked Questions

– What about updates? Do I need to buy the database again each time it updates?
No, not at all! Once you purchase the full IATA codes list database, you will have access to all updated versions. You don’t have to buy it multiple times.
– How many items are there in the database?
There are currently 10051 items in the database.
– Do you cover military and private airports?
Generally, no. Only a portion is included.
– Do you have this in JSON format?
Yes, the database is also available as a JSON REST API. Read more about this on our Premium API page or contact us! You can also check out our documentation where you may find example input, output and filter information for the API option.

Get IATA Airport Codes List Now!

The database is a one-time purchase. After you purchase it, you may download it on your dashboard as many times as you’d like. Your login details will be sent to your email address automatically. And that’s it, enjoy your database!

All sounds good? Buy the IATA Codes List Database below!

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Buy the database as a one-time purchase and get started right away or contact the team for free samples!

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