How to Get Airport Schedule Data

How to Get Airport Schedule Data?

Around 10 years ago, building an app was considered the work of the complete tech savvy. Thanks to all the new-generation programming and coding tools, this has changed. We see developers from all sorts of different professional backgrounds building their own app and turning these into successful businesses. The most important part of building an app is to find the data that you can actually count on.

In case you are one of the developers that have the idea for but are looking for a starting point, answering the question, “where to get airport schedules data” is the first step to take. Once you meet our Airport Schedules API, you will get this out of the way real quick, and real budget-friendly!

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How to Get Airport Schedule Data?

Aviation Edge Airport Schedules API is pretty straightforward, easy to comprehend and use, and filled with lots of reliable, detailed data. It updates constantly, so make sure to make new API calls as frequently to have the latest available data at all times.

As the data is detailed, filtering may be a key aspect for the efficiency of the project. This is why we have added lots of different parameters you can use to receive the exact piece of data you are looking for.

It is possible to track a whole airport’s real-time schedule while a single flight, too. Or are you looking to track a flight’s schedules that is scheduled to fly from point A to B? You can do this by filtering the data based on arrival and departure points or the flight number itself.

Many businesses, particularly flight delay compensation claiming agencies depend on delay and cancellation data. With our API, you may easily filter data based on the status (landed, scheduled, cancelled, active, incident, diverted, redirected, unknown) or even the amount of delay.

Here are a just few examples among tens of different filters available:

  • I want to view JFK’s departure schedule but I need to see cancelled flights only:[API_KEY]&iataCode=JFK&type=departure&status=cancelled

  • I want to view JFK’s departure schedule but I need to see cancelled flights only:[API_KEY]&iataCode=JFK&type=departure&status=cancelled

  • I want to view JFK’s departure schedule but flights in terminal “1” only:[API_KEY]&iataCode=JFK&type=departure& &dep_terminal=1

  • I want to view X Airlines’ flights that are arriving at JFK:[API_KEY]&iataCode=JFK&type=arrival&airline_iata=[value]

  • I want to filter out codeshared flights:[API_KEY]&iataCode=JFK&type=departure&codeshared=null

For all filters and parameters, visit our Developers’ Page!

Another great feature of the API is the newly added translation feature. Airport names, city names and country names are now translated in 43 different languages where available.

Visit our Blog Post for more information Airport Schedules API about translations or contact us.


Some need real-time data while some historical or future. It all depends on your idea. So, we’re now launching the two additional APIs to cover every project for our clients!

In addition to our real-time Airport Schedules API, we are happy to announce that we are currently working on a Historical Airport Schedules API and a Future Airport Schedules API. The APIs are prepared to launch before Q4 2020.

The Historical Airport Schedules API and the Future Airport Schedules API will come at no additional charges. They will be accessible via any Premium API key for as long as the subscription is active. The data structure and the data types included will be the same as the real-time API. We are very excited for this huge addition to our client favorite real-time airport API!

If you have any further questions, contact us for more information about the upcoming APIs!

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