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Aviation Edge Historical Flight Schedules API provides detailed data on historical airport timetables. The data is on a global scale, covering airports in any part of the world. Get historical data based on a specific date or a date range in the past with very fast API response times.

The historical flight schedule data is perfect to use to create applications, plugins for web sites, running analysis and creating statistics, determining delays and cancellations for insurance or flight compensation claims and much, much more. Contact us if you have any projects in mind. We’d be happy to talk about how our data can help you and show you some examples.

We have developed many parameters you can use to pull the exact data you need without having to spend too much time filtering it on your end. We’ve asked many developers around the world to find out which pieces of data they would need the most, and created the parameters based on this feedback. 

Data included in the Historical Flight Schedules API

Get the whole airport’s timetable information (either departure or arrival) in 1 API call or track individual flights by using the filters. You can also call all flights of a single airline or filter the flights from or to a specific destination.

  • Airline: Name, IATA and ICAO codes of the airline.
  • Departure and arrival: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival location.
  • Date: The date of the departure and arrival
  • Departure and arrival times: Scheduled, estimated and actual arrival and departure times, as well as runway times in local time.
  • Status: The latest status information of the flight which may be active (for departure schedules), landed (for arrival schedules), cancelled or unknown
  • Delay: Total delay amount in minutes for delayed flights

Sources and process

Historical Schedules data consists of the same quality data provided via our real-time Schedules API, only for schedules of a certain date or date range in the past. The data shows the latest information received of a flight, so it is particularly useful to determine cancellations and delays. The historical data continues to grow each day, making the Historical Airport Schedules API perfect to create statistics that can update every day.

Our goal is to aggregate a complete aviation database consisting of both real-time and passive data for you, to make sure you develop the best possible app/website/tool for your customers.

Historical Schedules API Output - Developer Information

For the departure schedule of a certain airport on a certain date.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD

For the arrival schedule of a certain airport on a certain date.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD

For the schedule of a certain airport of a certain date range (also available for arrival).
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD

For the schedule of a certain airport on a certain date (or range) but only flights with a certain status.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD&status=cancelled

For tracking individual historical flights.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD&flight_number=[1234]

For filtering the flights of a certain airline from the arrival schedule of a certain airport on a certain date (also available for departure schedules and as a date range).
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&&airline_iata=TK

Response example

"type": "departure",
"status": "active",
"iataCode": "jfk",
"icaoCode": "kjfk",
"terminal": "7",
"delay": 10,
 "scheduledTime": "2020-09-25t20:15:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2020-09-25t20:09:00.000",
"actualTime": "2020-09-25t20:25:00.000",
"estimatedRunway": "2020-09-25t20:25:00.000",
"actualRunway": "2020-09-25t20:25:00.000"},
"iataCode": "lhr",
"icaoCode": "egll",
"terminal": "5",
"scheduledTime": "2020-09-26t08:20:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2020-09-26t07:32:00.000"
"name": "aer lingus",
"iataCode": "ei",
"icaoCode": "ein"
"number": "8814",
"iataNumber": "ei8814",
"icaoNumber": "ein8814"
"name": "british airways",
"iataCode": "ba",
"icaoCode": "baw"
"number": "114",
"iataNumber": "ba114",
"icaoNumber": "baw114"}

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As the automation of the aviation and passenger services increase, developers now need reliable airport schedule data more than ever. That is exactly why we expanded our services from real-time data to include historical schedules data. The client-favorite real-time Schedules API is now available for historical schedules as well. The historical API responses include every detail the real-time data offers.

It is possible to make queries based on a date or a date range that can go up to 30 days via a single API call. Both time and cost efficient to build the perfect tool.

A typical response includes scheduled, estimated and actual times for both the flight itself and the runway. A separate column for codeshared flights aims to prevent mistaking the data of flights that share the same flight number but operated by different airlines. Terminal and baggage information is a huge plus for features that address to passengers especially.

Another use field of the historical airport schedule data is to create statistics for academic and commercial projects. The Historical Airport Schdeules API data helps you determine the airway traffic of a certain airport, between two airports or even between certain countries or regions around the world. This is particularly useful to determine the passenger behaviour during certain periods of time such as the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Developers of any field will find our APIs very useful and complete, with friendly client services you can contact anytime. Grow your business with our reliable and cost-friendly data!

Access to the Complete Aviation Edge Database With the Historical Schedules API Key

It is possible to access our complete list of APIs and not just the Historical Schedules API with any Premium key. In other words, there is no limit to the features you can add to your tool by using our data.

We aggregate our data from our multiple data partners around the world and present it to you via various APIs, each focus on a specific subject.

Our database mainly includes:

  • Static Data: Stable data which does not frequently change, such as city, country, route, timezone, aircraft, airport, airline details and more.
  • Dynamic Data: Constantly updated, real-time data for flight tracking and airport timetables. The details include real-time aircraft location, aircraft speed, estimated, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, status (cancelled, delayed, diverted, landed etc.) and much more.

Both the static data and the dynamic data are updated at all times in accordance with the information constantly gathered in our database. 

Prefer the data as a file rather than via the API? The complete static data is available as separate standalone databases in Excel, SQL and CSV formats, too. All three are included in any purchase.

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Aviation Edge provides a reliable API experience for all businesses and independent developers to get historical airport timetables data. 

On top of that, Aviation-Edge provides 24/7 assistance to its Premium clients with any requests regarding the data, technical difficulties, feedback, payment and everything else.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Access to the Historical Airport Schedule Data

After subscribing to one of the Premium plans seen here, you will receive your API key instantly via email. The API key is automatically activated and ready to use right away. For all available endpoints, visit our documentation here or use our quick GET tool to test the data.

Integrate the data and display it in your application, website, tool or software in the form of your choice. Filter the data in any way you like to avoid receiving more information than needed for a simple and clear development experience.

Current Databases, API Services and the How to Use

Aviation Edge currently provides its clients with Real-Time Flight Tracker API, Nearby Service API, Satellite Tracker, Routes API, Schedules API, Autocompletion Service API as dynamic data; and Historical Airport Schedules API, Airlines API, Airplanes API, Airport API, City API, Country API and Taxes API regarding static data.

An active API key lets you connected to our massive database which you can access any time. No daily or hourly restrictions to use your API calls – simply use the calls in any frequency you’d like. If monthly limit is not enough, it is always possible to upgrade to a higher plan. For the Unlimited option, contact anytime!

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