From Crisis to Prosperity – 16th Aviation Management Conference

Students from the Aviation Management Programme of the Aviation Academy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are preparing to host the 16th Aviation Management Conference on the 13th January 2021. There is no doubt that aviation is one of the most hardest hit sectors as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Conference aims to offer an insight to the current position of the aviation industry and where it is headed in the near-future, during and after the pandemic.

The Conference, fittingly titled “From Crisis to Prosperity” will be held in the online environment for the very first time and is open for everyone to participate. The students will be evaluating the current position of the aviation industry from young professionals’ perspective with the leading stakeholders of the sector. The conference will focus on innovative ways in which continuity, profitability and sustainability will play a pivotal role within the recovery and future of aviation. These aspects will be analysed and discussed within three main topics: Economics, Social impact and Technological innovations.

The goal of the students is to provide a perspective to its attendants, with the aim of inspiring everyone within the aviation industry to work together in achieving a more sustainable and prosperous future. As (media) partners and attendees of the conference, we at Aviation Edge highly recommend joining the conference to gain a perspective of the future of aviation.

We Aviation Edge, as one of the media partners and attendants ourselves, highly recommend joining the Conference for the opportunity to gain perspective of ways to battle this crisis with the best possible outcomes. Attending the online Aviation Management Conference is completely FREE and will feature the participation of prominent and well-known aviation professionals and companies in discussion panels, interviews, presentations and more. 

Registration for the 16th Aviation Management Conference

In order to keep up to date with the announcements regarding speakers and the schedule. Visit the official website of the Conference at or follow the team on social media.

Register now on the website and do not miss this opportunity to stay focused on the latest developments of aviation within this global crisis.

Instagram: @amconference2021
LinkedIn: 16th Aviation Management Conference

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