Insta-PDF Features

Insta PDF is an HTML to PDF converter REST API. Whether you want to use raw HTML code or the URL of your webpage as an input , with the help of our API you can create any type of PDF document you need.

Read more about the features of Insta-PDF API on these pages:

Convert raw HTML code to PDF files with the API.

Use the URL of your website as the input to create high-quality PDF files.

What can I use the HTML to PDF converter for?

  • Invoices and Receipts: Automatically generate invoices or receipts for online purchases and send them to customers as PDF documents.
  • Reports: Convert analytical data visualizations and tables that are dynamically generated in HTML format into PDF for distribution.
  • E-Tickets: For events, flights, or train bookings, e-tickets can be generated as PDFs from HTML templates.
  • Certificates: Generate certificates for online courses or trainings.
  • Form Submissions: Convert filled-out forms or surveys into PDF for archival or processing.
  • Documentation: Convert software or product documentation written in HTML into PDF format for offline usage.

What can I use the URL to PDF converter for?

  • Webpage Archival: Save webpages as they appear at a particular moment in time for historical or legal reasons.
  • Reading Offline: Convert interesting articles or resources to PDF for offline reading.
  • Sharing Web Content: Share a static representation of a webpage with colleagues or friends who might not have access to the live site.
  • Website Backups: Periodically save snapshots of web pages or entire websites for backup purposes.
  • Presentations: Convert web content to PDF for presentations, ensuring that the content looks the same regardless of internet connectivity.
  • SEO and Marketing Reports: Convert online analytics dashboards or marketing results into PDF reports for stakeholders.