Airport Schedules API in Hindi

Today, we can find applications for pretty much anything that we can think of. This is only possible because we have access to the data to build them. Either real-time or passive, big data APIs are getting more and more accessible and affordable.

This also made possible to get data in various languages. This allows developers to build applications that address to a certain audience, in a certain region in the world.

One of the countries in increased demand for translated aviation data is India. India has one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world according to (International Air Transportation Association (IATA). It’s no wonder there has been an annual growth rate of approximately 16% in average in the last 4 years as of 2020. This means rapidly increasing demand for flight and schedule tracking by passengers, airlines and companies that provide flight booking, accommodation, transport or similar services.

This rapid increase in civil aviation led companies based in India to customize and build applications for Indian consumers. Which means, more and more developers now search aviation data in the local language, Hindi. That’s where we come in! Our Schedules API in Hindi will get you airport timetables data with built-in Hindi translations. This will allow you to build your app with Airport Schedules API in Hindi without having to rely on third party translation add-ons. This also means saving on costs and time, big time.


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The Aviation Edge Airport Schedules API in Hindi and Airport Schedules API in Arabic, (along with 47 other languages!) comes in no extra fees. Any Premium subscription gets you access to all our APIs.

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Airport Schedules API in Arabic

Another language that is in demand for translated aviation apps is Arabic. Arabic spoken countries form a considerably large portion of civil aviation traffic. According to Arab Air Carriers’ Organization’s 2019 report, an average of 4,092 flights were carried out daily by the member airlines of the organization. We are talking about an average of 229,6 million passengers flying to 459 different destinations.

This means growth in customer services as well. Airlines, hospitality or local transportation companies now depend on apps to maximize customer satisfaction and service experience.

It goes without saying that a good app depends on good data. It has to be reliable, accurate, and have extensive coverage. But even that is not enough to step up the app game. Being able to provide a successful app in a local language is a huge plus towards perfection. That’s where our Airport Schedules API in Arabic gets in the picture!

Why not get the raw data itself in the local language in the first place? This way, you won’t have to spend additional time on translations, pay extra translation fees or spend time ensuring and implementing the translated values. Less work, less costs – a more successful app overall!

The Airport Schedules API in Arabic is now fully accessible for clients who wish to build Airport Timetable apps. The API returns data in Arabic values. The API has always been a client-favorite with its detailed, accurate data, and Airport Schedules API in Arabic language is the perfect choice for our clients to develop apps for their customers in the region.

Airport Schedules API Translations in 47 Different Languages!

Not just Hindi and Arabic, Aviation Edge Schedules API data translations are available in a total of 47 different languages!

The translations are available in French, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Javanese, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Urdu, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Hausa, Burmese, Thai, Dutch, Yoruba, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Danish, Malay, Filipino, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Armenian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbian.

Easily add “&lang=[language code]” to your endpoint to get translated data.

For details and language codes, feel free to visit our Developers’ Page.


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