Airplane Database and API

Airplane Database and API

Our database of all airplanes in the world is constantly updated through official airplane data sources. The accuracy is checked manually as well as automatically. Our budget-friendly airplane dataset download and airplane flight data API is always up to date with detailed information. We centrally provide the world airplane directory we created with the main focus towards keeping our information up to date and accurate. It includes detailed airplane database tables with 24 data strings about the airplanes. Additionally, another database table including different classes with detailed information about seats, seat sizes, and seat angles.
Our clients are from all over the world and they all have the same request; complete and accurate aviation data. There are a bit more than 300 IATA recognized aircrafts and our database contains thousands of aircraft that are being developed with an IATA code.
We have around 20.000 airplanes in our database with detailed information about them. You will get a detailed insight into the airplanes with our data, including all IATA or ICAO airplane codes database. The database is based on the IATA 3 letter airplane codes in addition to details about the plane.The image below shows the basic data strings of the airplanes. Aside from these, there is also the airplane class information but it is not visible in this image.

If there is data that is useful for the aviation industry, we have it in our database. Our list of airplanes with IATA codes is complete. Our airplane dataset with airplane designators, information about airplane status and IATA ICAO airplane code. Just imagine the detail you can provide to your clients about each individual plane through one simple API connection. We have handled our list of all the airplanes for many years. You can make the data more interesting by combining it with, for example, our timetable API or flight tracker API.

IATA and ICAO Airplane Codes Download

Our full list of IATA ICAO airplane codes is constantly checked automatically to see if new data needs to be added. Whenever there is any doubt, we do manual checks with our partners in the aviation industry. The IATA airplane codes list download has the airplane classification IATA 3 digit airplane codes, IATA airplane designator or IATA airplane identifiers. The official list of IATA airplanes and the airlines they belong to is very useful and if you need to test it in advance, you can also use the IATA codes lookup at the top of this page.

The ICAO airplane designator has an ICAO 3 letter airplane codes. Test the ICAO airplane code database with the tool at the top of this page. It has most of our ICAO airplane codes. Try it out now through our homepage or by registering for the free API.

Use of Our Airplane Database Download or Airplane API Service

Flight Tracker API we operate, the timetables and the routes databases are a few useful tools related to the airplane database which is used by many of our clients. We have developed these to help make it easier for you to share this information with your customers and to be sure that you are providing accurate data. Many customers initially download our database and then use the API to keep it up to date with the latest airplane production. This saves them time and money from having to manually maintain their list. We also have an SLA that we commit to every premium account, guaranteeing the quality metrics such as the quality of our support, the speed of data transfer and a high server up-time. (currently, average 99.98%). Well above industry standard!

Download and Subscription Information

Most people using the airplane database are flight tracking apps or other aviation hobbyist platforms. There are countless reasons to use our IATA airplane database. Maybe you want to provide extra information to your customers on your reservation system which uses the airplane information on the timetables or contains a list of currently flying airplanes. For those who want to experiment with our data first, we have a free API option available which new clients use to test the service before buying. You can use it to create for yourself an airplane database example. Further documentation about how to use the API in detail is found on our developers’ page.

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