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The Significance of Flight On-time Performance Database for Aviation Industry

Aviation consultants who keep track of this data know the importance of measuring the airline performance accurately. In order to do that, you should have the access to the right data. One of the most important metrics used is flight on-time performance. On-time performance can be defined as the level of service success to remain on its schedule. It is expressed in percentages and the higher percentage represents higher success. Most of the airline companies use this data to show how efficient their service is.

There is a rule that accepted delay for the on-time arrival of flights is 15 minutes. This means that a flight that arrived within 15 minutes of the schedule is considered to be on time. Not all airline agencies are required to measure this but they do it to provide their customers with the information and prove their reliability. If you choose to use our database of the airlines on-time performance with API for the aviation industry, you will be able to extract all the necessary information for the accurate measurement.


You must check all the additional benefits we have prepared for those who choose our Premium package. Besides information on airline on-time performance, you could extract data related to arrivals, departures, airport locations and routes. We guarantee top-level data accuracy, maximum transfer speed and so much more for our Premium users.

Our complete airline performance database with API is regularly updated!

In order to measure every airline performance correctly, you must be sure you are using the right data. We guarantee that our information is accurate because we gather it from various sources. We have developed systems for checking the data but we also manually check and update any changes. All of the updates are compiled in our complete airline performance database with API for developers. Through the API you can access all the data you need to carry airline benchmarks.

Everyone in the aviation industry realizes the importance of their on-time performance. Punctuality of the airplanes contributes to the business success greatly. It is thought that certain airline performs well when their performance reaches or exceeds 90%. On-time performance is calculated through departures and arrivals and our database of complete airline performance offers this information for your easier calculation.

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The best thing about our APIs is the possibility to use different data to draw interesting conclusions. Extract as much useful information as you need. For example, you can match our official airline on time performance database with API to international airline names API. Probably, even more useful combination would be with the airport routes API. You can get all the valuable information at once. Check out the complete list of our APIs and make the combination you need.

For those who want to experiment with our data first, we have a free API option available which new clients use to test the service before buying. You can use it to create for yourself an airplane database example. Further documentation about how to use the API in detail is found on our developers’ page.

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